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D a D c02 help

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Hello i got a D a D co2 system of e bay set it all up was working fine on a time then one night when the co2 had gone off it just started to hiss really loud so took bottle off put it back on and was all good for a day then the bottle ran out i thin it was coming out of where you can put the high pressure gage can anyone shed some light plz
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I'd reseat the guage. Usually brass connections are tapered, and self sealing. If not, you could try a little pipe dope.
Sounds like you have a leak somewhere (perhaps the high pressure gauge, as you suspect, but I would check everywhere else).

A bit of soapy water slathered over all your joints will help determine where the gas is leaking from.
If its only happening when things turn on and off/ I would suspect your solenoid valve.
there are no leak i dint know if it was a build up or pressure
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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