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Cycling question

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Hello group. I am new to post however been lurking and reading for a couple months. I must say there is quite a bit of knowledge here.

My reason for posting is to ask some advise. I recently set up a 40 gallon breeder.These are the particulars:
-eco complete substrate capped off with thin layer of black sand
-finnex 24/7 planted plus lighting
-aquaclear 70 filter using foam at bottom, floss in middle, bio max on top. Although have played around with chemi pure and purigen. Not using them now.
-moderately planted
-two pieces driftwood (soaked for two weeks prior to placing in tank)
After one week I added 10 small fish. ( succumbed to grandchildren requests)
-No3 steady between 0 and 0.25
-ph steady at 7.6
-nitrates and nitrites steady at zero.
-tank is in middle of 4th week and the above readings are taken daily in the evening and remain steady
-API test kit
10% to 15% water changes weekly

ok, my question has to do with hazy/cloudy water. I assume it is a bacteria bloom. I do tank maintence. Just wondering how long this cycle will take before it clears up. Any suggestions are welcomed.

Thanks again