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Hi Everybody,

Hoping someone familiar with fishless cycling can give me a clue.....:tongue:

My Feeder Fish Holding Tank is empty. I've been trying to maintain the bacterial colony until I go to get more fish. Right now, I am able to add 15mls of clear ammonia and it is consumed in -24hrs. in a 22g tub.

I add 150-200 minnows and about 48 Shiners to this setup when I bring them in. Yes, that's a lot of fish/bioload. But it does cycle completely--so whether or not its possible is not an issue. Its possible. I started adding the ammonia a week or so after the tub was emptied--so I can't use that as a reference.

Anybody have any idea what quan***y of ammonia I should be able to add to handle that kind of bioload? I'm at 15ml now, should I take it to 20? 30? what seems Good?

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