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This is the first time I’ve tried to cycle a tank from the get go with aquasoil and co2.

I’ve been trying to cycle a tank for two weeks now. I have kept it at 4 ppm ammonia (liquid ammonia) and 79 degrees.

My tap comes out high KH and 8.0 PH. After a couple hours in my tank and co2 injection my PH goes to 6.6 and doesn’t sway much unless I keep the co2 off for several days.

I haven’t cleaned the filter or done anything other than small water changes with Prime. No ferts. 6 hours of light, 25 ppm co2.

For two weeks everything has stayed the same. Zero nitrites and nitrates. I’m beginning to think my PH is too low and I need to add some baking soda. I hesitate on the co2 as it is holding the algae at bay and I have DHG and Christmas moss I am trying to grow.

Am I just being impatient? I added a whole bottle of Fritzyme 7 three days ago and tested frequently until now and everything is the same! 4ppm ammonia and 6.6 PH.

Every time I do a water change the soil just buffers it back down. 6.6 ph and low KH is perfect for the fish I want but I feel like beneficial bacteria is not forming at all. Any help appreciated.
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