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I wanted to know how would I tend to a fish-less cycle now. I am returning the last three Danios(see other thread) and have snails in the tank. On another forum said the snails wont cycle the tank. How can I cycle the tank with no fish but have it safe for the snails.
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What has worked for me was to add lots of fast growing stem plants, then add some fish. When I mean lots, I mean cover about 60 - 75% of the footprint.

A tank cycle is a dynamic thing. Your Bacteria load with flucuate with the amount of food (Ammonia, Nitrite) present in the tank.

Fast growing plants will use up the ammonia as fast as a couple of small fish can produce it.

Check out Rex's Guide on cycling
Well I need to wait to see what else I get in my shipment. I hear there are extras but IDK if they are fastgrowing stem plants. I dont have any money to buy anymore plants this month unfortuantely. If I did I ould definitely.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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