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Cycle Question.

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Hi all, The Mrs wanted re decorate the front room , so I brought a 40l Tank to stick in the kitchen and cycle for 6 weeks as my Trigon 190 would need emptying to move.

I always liked the idea of a planted tank so i Used this opportunity to have ago of planting up my 190 once it had been emptied. my bigger fish got re homed as i couldn't put them in a much smaller tank for 6 weeks.

So off I go and plant my Trigon 190 up and leave it through the fish less cycle stage and all is going well so far, until today, The Fishes temporary home has developed a leak so ive had to put them in the uncycled tank :(

Tank has only been cycling for a week but ive had little option to put them back in the tank.

What should i expect to happen? Will it ruin my tank?

Bump: 3 neon tetras, 3 cherry barbs, 1 micky mouse platy.

my plan is to get a shoal of tetras in the future with amano shrimp
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That's not a lot of fish for what I assume is a 190l? So about 50G. I suggest that you just monitor the water quality daily and feed sparingly until the cycle completes. Just be prepared to do water changes as needed. I don't think any harm will come to your plants, if anything, the fish waste will do them some good. Just keep on top of water quality. Good luck.
Planted tanks don't require the same 'cycling effort' as fish only tanks. The plants will use some of the ammonia as the bacteria colony grows. Also, it's a big tank that would take a long time to develop negative toxic levels of ammonia/nitrite.
As mentioned, you could be prepared for water changes and/or have Prime on hand to detoxify ammonia/nitrites as/if necessary.
All in all though, I'm betting you'll be fine.
dump in some tetra quick start or other bacteria cycling product.
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