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I'm new to the forum and also to planted tanks and would like to hear if the following method would work.

We currently have a well established 30gallon bow front that contains fish only and would like to use 5-10 gallons of that water along with the HOB 75gph filter, some decorative rock along with the 6 fish we have to help establish/cycle our new tank.

The new tank is a 47gallon column with the following:

  • Eco-complete topped with Super Naturals Peace River
  • Fluval 406 canister filter
  • Fluval 200watt heater
  • Current USA Satellite +Pro 18" fixture
  • Hydor nano circulation pump
  • GLA pressurized CO2 system with inline Atomic diffuser

I am looking to include low to moderate light plants.

My plan was to set up the new tank with the plants and then add approx. 5 gallons of water from the established tank along with one large rock, the fish and also the HOB filter hoping that this could seed and support both the fish and plants.

I will be monitoring the levels and making water changes as needed and no additional fish would be added until the tank is completely cycled.

Please confirm is this would work or suggest any alternative methods along this same line.

Thanks in advance,
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