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Cyanobacteria/Dirt bottom connection? help.

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I had a nasty bout of Cyano which went away after a thorough cleaning. It stayed away until i did some more planting and rearranging when it returned. I have a mineralized dirt bottom layer and am wondering if it is causing the Cyano bloom when some gets into the water column. I don't believe it is highly nitrogenous (though I could be wrong) and no other types of bacteria bloom after disturbing it. Does anyone have any advice?
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How deep is you cap layer? I'd suggest making the cap layer deeper.
about an inch. Good thought. I can go deeper.
I read in a post that if you allow your MTS (mud) to extend all the way to the glass instead of bordering it around the perimeter with sand or your cap material you will encourage BGA (Cyano.B.) to grow there. If the post is correct then perhaps Cyano likes mud, or mud and light together... I do see Cyano where my mud touches the glass and my fine play sand cap is about an inch deep on average but quite thin in places due to the goldfish sifting it. I used a thin cap because I have a very fine sand as a cap and wanted to allow some nutrient to percolate down into the soil to replenish it. Perhaps I should have used a deeper cap, or a larger grained cap. Anyone have any experience with thin fine caps? How about suggestions? Should I add more play sand? should I add a larger grained sand such as pool filter sand on top? I plan keep all of my other factors static then disturb the mud and see if it indeed produces a Cyano bloom (several times) to test the theory. So far two blooms have followed disturbing the substrate.
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