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Custom ordering a tank: cost estimate?

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How much do you guys think would it be to get an acrylic fab to make something similar in terms of parts to an aqueon evolve 8. I'm talking about acrylic body with built in overflow style filter. It would be of similar volume maybe 9-10g total but with longer more traditional dimensions.

This is assuming I draw up the 3d plans and templates myself and send them to the fabricator.
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No true answer really. Your just going to have to contact various companys, and see what their quotes are. Prices are all over the place depending on the label they slap on the tank, how big their fan club is.
depends on the type of acrylic you want to use (there are varying types in relation to strength, clarity), and if you want the rounded corners... something like that the company would have to heat up and mould, which can be challenging. otherwise you are asking for a nice silicone seam, which isn't as time consuming, I believe.

I feel like every large/decent size city has at least one place that builds custom fish tanks... I would look locally first, since it would most likely be cheaper in the long run. if you made the tank yourself, it would most likely cost under $100... but a custom build, I don't know. good luck!
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