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I emailed Catalina Aquariums about a custom light for a heavily planted 65 gallon 36L x 24T x 18D. the plan is for a 3x 39w with two rows of 18x 1w 6,700k leds.
With a cord for each bulb.

They'll make this light for a very reasonable price, but i am curious if you all think its overkill. With each bulb on a seperate cord, it could probably make for a really cool 24 hour light cycle (I'll add some moon lights if catalina can't put them on for me). It would work with a 2 x39w with the 2 led banks too, but I would have to aim the reflectors to get coverage in front of the tank.

I was thinking something like this:

10am -single t5 comes on ( 450nm blue, or dual actinic) co2 comes on
11am- 1 led bank comes on, moon lights off
12pm- single t5 aquaflora comes on
2pm- second led bank comes on, second aquaflora comes on, blue bulb off
6pm- 1 led bank comes off
8pm- second led bank comes off
9pm- 1 aquaflora comes off, moon lights on, co2 off
10pm- second aquaflora off

Id love any feedback or suggestions on how I could modify the light or the cycle, it sounds like catalina is willing to build anything I could ask for. If the two 18w 6,700k led banks and two 39w aquafloras are not enough to get good growth I could ditch the blue t5 and get anouther midday 6,000k and just add a bank of dimmable 1w blue leds for moon light and morning.

I'll definately post pics of the fixture in whatever configuration I end up with when it gets here.
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