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Greetings The Planted Tank forum. My name is Ryan and I am offering my services of building custom acrylic basking docks. I have owned yellow belly sliders for the past 3 years and like most people was very unimpressed/disappointed with the quality and selection of basking docks offered through brick and mortar stores (pets mart,petco,etc) and online vendors. I've used plastic docks which suction cup onto the glass (suction cups gave out), floating wood style (eventually deteriorate), and floating foam style (turtles started eating it and it had to be removed!). All of these docks were a waste of money because they never held up, looked horrible, and quickly became to small for my growing turtle family. I created a beautiful above tank basking area that would never need to be replaced and maximized the room inside the tank for my turtles to enjoy. I believe if given the chance I can hand craft a basking dock to meet all your expectations and it will last as long as you have turtles.

Message with inquiries.

*I will build a removable acrylic above tank basking dock to meet your specifications
*price based on size of dock and complexity
*My tank in picture is a 55 gal

*Final Product with decoration (rocks and Succulents)

*Turtle for Scale

*Turtle using the ramp

*All Three enjoying
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