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custom braceless 112GAL with DIY stand

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hi everyone, currently i have a 50GAL high tank which at the time (over 2 years ago) was the largest tank i could afford/keep/run but after re-decorating and re-arranging the lounge i can now fit in a larger tank between my fireplace and the outer wall.

another reason for the upgrade is that i am wanting to build a DIY cree led light fixture for my existing tank but i dont particularly like topless braced tanks so new light= new tank.

this means i am going to need a custom tank built so i have gone for (sorry i live in the UK so its going to be mostly metric measurements) 140cm wide x 55cm high x 55cm deep which equates to 425 litres or 112 gallons. the front and side panels are going to be opti-white low iron glass whilst the back and bottom will be standard float glass and the background will be black.... oh and its going to be braceless.

for lighting i am either going to use 45 CREE XML leds on a 100cm aluminium finned heatsink, or 3 lumia 5.1 leds on the same heatsink, both will run off a storm x controller.

here is the heatsink i ordered off ebay and the plans for my DIY stand that will have enough room for my filter and also shelves for my home cinema stuff.

the stand is going to be an ADA style stand and then i will cover it will some form of formica and will be made out of 3/4" ply and 2x2's

the substrate is going to be fresh as i didnt use any aquasoil in my original tank (another reason for upgrading) so i will be using eco-complete.

this is going to be a slow build but hang on in there updates are to follow!
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Sounds like this will be very cool- subscribed
This is an impressive plan! Do you have any plant or fish themes in mind?
Thanks guys and I will be transferring the fauna from my smaller tank so this includes:

4 angels
1 golden nugget plec
3 ottos
3 albino Corycats
6 dwarf neon rainbow fish
Various tetras/rasboras that I have had for what seems like years.

I wanted to make a fresh start and go with discus but my girlfriend bought the angels so she is very much attached!

I was wondering what filtration people would use? I want to try and use 16/22 hose so I can use external heaters and glass lily pipes

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Plants wise I like the Dutch style tanks so going to go with something like that but I need a new co2 setup as I'm sure my reg is leaking
Love the idea of a DIY LED fixture. You might want to consider a few more LEDs. I'd aim for about 55-60 on a tank that size, based on the DIY kits available online.
Love the idea of a DIY LED fixture. You might want to consider a few more LEDs. I'd aim for about 55-60 on a tank that size, based on the DIY kits available online.

Thanks for the advice i originally was going to build a 30 led fixture over my 50gal so I'll look into more leds. I think the lumia build would be better but ledgroupbuy hasn't provided any more information that I need
Heatsink arrived today so glad I snapped it up when I did as it was a complete bargain!

Been thinking for filtration I need filters that have 16mm pipe work so I can use glass input and lily pipes to keep the tank looking clean and also so I can use hydor heaters. Anyone know the largest external filter that uses 16mm pipework? If not I'm thinking of a diy stainless canister with an external pump?
Any updates? I'm excited to see this tank grow!

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Had to put this on hold due to other commitments but it will be getting done in the near future
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