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I am trying to raise funds--and more importantly space--for a new reef set-up. This tank was custom-built by Old Town Aquarium and is 36" long, 13" deep, and 20" tall. It holds 40 gallons, has inlet/outlet bulkheads in the back, two large access openings, and two holes for heater/airline tubing, etc. The background is black. It has some scratches that are not noticeable when filled but can be buffed out to become invisible.

The tank is currently set up and I will not break it up to sell equipment or livestock. (Excuse the string algae--I recently replaced bulbs and haven't adjusted ferts for higher output).


40-gallon acrylic tank with 2 bulkheads for a canister filter (built for $300)
Eheim Classic 2015 (bought new for $120)
Black Pine Cabinet (bought new for $110)
Odyssea Quad T5 HO 36" fixture (for a total of 156 watts) with recently purchased bulbs (bought new for $100, bulbs are worth about $80 alone)
Coralife 65W 24" power compact fixture with recently purchased bulb (purchased new for about $75 and just replaced bulb for $30)
Milwaukee instruments CO2 regulator (bought new for $100)
5-pound CO2 tank (I dose about 3 bubbles per second and this lasts about half a year. refills are about $15 at Brew and Grow)

Flourite substrate bought for over $120
Lots of plants including baby tears, tiger lotus, various crypts and swords, dwarf sag, aponogetons, and more.
Fish: 3 large keyhole cichlids, 11 cardinals, 8 Praecox dwarf neon rainbowfish, some Endler's livebearers, and corys

Since I will be replacing this tank with a reef, I am happy to give buyer ALL freshwater equipment and food, including water softener, plant fertilizers, food, etc.

Serious inquiries only, please. I want a brand-new reef system, so sorry but no trades. Buyer is responsible for taking tank down and moving. I will of course help, but I will not deliver tank. Cash only.

$450 or best offer. For pick-up in Chicagoland. I am in zip code 60642.


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