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Current USA satellite plus

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I have a nuvo black 20gal length is 23.6
Shrimp tank with amazon sword java moss java fern moss balls

I currently have the finnex planted 24/7 20inch

I'm looking at the current USA satellite plus 24inch. It says the dimensions are 22.8 inch long...I think it should fit my tank?

Should I switch over to the satellite plus? Wanted something that fills the length of my tank more...don't really care for the 24/7 because it doesn't give the tank total darkness.. I know the finnex planted 24/7 SE is coming out but not sure what length they're coming out with.
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Hi,the 24 inch current satelite plus fits like a glove on your tank . I use the satelite plus for almost 2 years ( 60p) never a problem.
still a great led,cheers
Nice. I was looking at the pro it's on sale. Only 50 bucks more over the regular plus. Plus with timer is about 100.

Think it's worth it?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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