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Current USA Nova Extreme T5HO X2 or Coralife 24 inch

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Looking at two fixtures and wondered if anyone has one and be willing to comment on..for a 27g 20 inch deep low tech tank here they are:

Coralife 24 inch

Current USA Nova Extreme T5HO X2
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Both of those lights are T5HO, not T5NO. And, a two bulb T5HO light is too much light for a non-CO2 tank, unless they are hanging about 8-10 inches above the top of the tank. Even T5NO 2 bulb fixtures might be too much light, but using the legs with the fixture might reduce the light down to the low light range.
IMO you'd be better off with a PC fixture because both kinds of T5 lights are going to give you too much light. I've got a PC Coralife on my 37g and it does its job, my plants are growing, some several inches per week. But from my research, people think the reflectors aren't ideal and the Current Nova has good reflectors. You could also check out the AH Supply Bright Light kits.

The plans are just a low tech community fish tank...right now i have a doublebright led fixture that I'm unsure about..i'm giving the led a shot but want to have a back up plan
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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