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Curiosity Question about a dry start

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This might be a dumb idea, but what if you did a dry start with a substrate that was mainly composed of dry salt fertilizers? I mean, would the plants only be able to absorb nutrients from it when it gets wet, would the nutrients burn the plants, or would it just not do anything worthwhile at all? The thought just kinda came into my head, I don't plan on doing this sort of thing ever.
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'Dry' as in dry start is still pretty wet. About like a well watered house plant. That is plenty of water to dissolve the dry ferts, but not enough to spread them around. The plants would burn because the water would be too rich with fertilizers in spots.

If you want to start with fertilizers in a dry start tank you can use the same slow release ferts that are suggested for a tank full of water, or you can dose using the dry ferts, though I would dissolve them first. In a dry start there is not enough water movement to thoroughly dissolve the ferts and distribute them around the tank. Dissolve them first and either syringe them into the substrate, mist the plants with them, or dilute them even more and water the whole thing to get it started, you are just using extra rich water.
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