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Cupid Cichlid Experienced Owners please Respond

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I am wanting some opinions on the cupid cichlid (biotodoma cupido) I have a 75 with a lot of room in the bottom half of the tank. I was thinking bolivian rams or apistos, but now I have seen the cupid cichlid and am considering a group (6 or so) of them. Does anyone have experience keeping these cichlids, if so what are your thoughts?? I will be housing them with corydoras, a school or neon tetras and 5 festivum cichlid. It is a south American themed tank ie lots of driftwood, sand substrate, and a few plants attached to the wood etc. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I am especially wondering will they pick on the corydoras and neons.

Thanks again
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I've had them in my aquarium for a year now...they only pick on each other and has never harassed any of my tetras,rasboras, plecos, angles and demons...I'm sure they will be fine with Cory's. they will be a great addition to your aquarium. Just keep in mind space is everything just don't over populate. Hope this helps
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