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Culturing Daphnia with Sourdough Starter

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I am thinking of getting some daphnia, both for live food but also because little things like that are interesting to look at in aquaria (of course they wouldn't survive in a tank with fish!). I've read that yeast is a good easy source of food for them, rather than trying to keep up with their green water rate of consumption, but of course with the current situation and everyone home baking, there's a bit of a yeast shortage.

I do, however, have a sourdough starter - part of which is disposed of every week when it is fed. I thought that perhaps this might be an acceptable substitute for them? Wondered if anyone has tried it, or has any opinions about why it might be a terrible idea instead!

Alternatively, I have some BacterAE - would this work too? I plan to try to make some green water but from what I've read they'll eat it much faster than anyone can grow it!
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I had great luck culturing daphnia in a 5 gallon bucket with the following food solution:

15 oz mineralized RODI water
(1 tsp) Spirualina power
(1 tsp) Brewers Yeast
(1 tsp) Chlorella Power, broken cell.

I stored the food mixture in the refrigerator. Each day I would feed the culture 10 ml of the food solution. It worked out well, I was able to maintain the culture for months.
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