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CS most expensive meal ever?????

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About a week ago I got what was to be 30 CS juvies manly (I say that like I know) anyway thats what was to be in the bag. I added them to my heavly planted 20 gal that also has 7 bloodfin tetras, 3 clown pleco and 1 bolivian ram (who is very old) anyway everything looked great and there is tons of moss for them to hide in. While after 1 week I can see 2 shrimp, is it likely that they were all eaten?

FYI before I bought them I did ask if this might happen not wanting to spend as much on a meal for my fish as I do when the wife and I go out for dinner, but maybe I was advised wrong.
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If you mean cherry shrimp, that sucks. If you mean crystal red shrimp, then that sucks even more.

In any case, adding juvenile shrimp to a tank with decent-sized fish like bloodfin tetras is pretty much asking for it. The bolivian ram probably took out a lot of your shrimp too. Did you add the shrimp in with the lights on? That automatically puts them at a disadvantage because they're stressed from the acclimation to begin with, and the fish can see them clearly, leading to a prolonged shrimplet hunt. If a single attack is even mildly successful, the shrimplet will probably be stunned for a long time during which it will probably be killed.

In the future, if you want to introduce shrimp to a tank with fish already established in it, then only add adult shrimp.
Prety sure your ram had a nice meal. Where did you get your info that they would be ok? You do have a chance that they are mearly hidding in the moss. In my 30g that is heavly planted i easily have 100+ in it and at times i can only spot maybe 10. As long as you have one male and one female you have hope of more. If it was me though i would move them to a tank with out fish. Good luck
Well the moving them to another tank is no opition as I only have 2 tanks and the fish in the 55 gal (read angelfish) would murder them in secounds.

I added them with the lights off, and the 2 I have seen are the on the bigger side of the ones I got. I got my info from the seller, before O ordered them I asked if bloodfins would eat them. I'm not blaming them really it's my own fault for not doing more fact checking
Did you ask about your ram?
the ram wasn't in the tank at the time, but the ram is not feeling very well, and mostly spends it's time mulling about. MAYBE it is the murderer however in it's currant state I doubt it.
I have Cherry shrimp in my community aquarium and give them out to friends regularly because of the population.

That being said I don't have anything like a Ram. My most aggresive fish would be my two small skunk loaches and they are too busy eating the Pond snails (Go loaches GO!). The thing that claimed most of my shrimp early on was my Rena XP3 but I took care of that. One day I went to clean my filter out and I saw maybe 10 juvenile shrimp swimming in it. I since added a very fine mesh over the intake.

I have a large clump of java moss in the middle of my tank and you can almost always see tons of tiny shrimp crawling on it. I have some pennywort and they like crawling through the roots of that as well.

I guess my point is they may have met their doom in your equipment as well.
That is true. Do you have a cover on your intake, if you have a canister filer?
I am using a Emperor 400 in this tank (HOB) and the intake is a very fine mesh

Well this morning when I put some algae wafers in the tank for the clown plecos I noticed about 10 CRS hiding in a back corner. I droped a wafer onver there in hopes of getting a good veiw of all of them. maybe not all is lost
Well lets hope that they are hidding witch im sure they would be with your tank mates. Also it should be brought up how much do you feed them. Over feeding can cause a quick Die off of RCS. With mine they get one small tablet every other day
Did you just dump the shrimp in from the bag to the tank? Maybe too short of an acclimation period doomed some shrimp too. I've found I have to s...l...o...w...l...y drip tank water to the shrimp then add them to the tank.
when I got the shimp the bag they were in was very cold, I let it float in the tank for about 20 mins, I then added about 30% tank water to the bag, then 10 mins later the light went out. I waited about 10 more min and then added them in their moss (sent with them) the the tank.
any time i get shrimp i always take them out of the bag into a cup and then slowly drip acclimate them over an hour or so. then add then. they could of just been stessed too. Also it took me 4 different attempts before i actualy got a succesful colony of rcs going. Some people get it right away and some never seem to get them to live
Well as of 6:45 this morning when I left I was able to count 15 and since they are hiding in a very large section of Myriophyllum mattogrossense they are very well protected.

Actualy it was funny to see one of the fater bloodfin's waiting just outside of the Myriophyllum mattogrossense grove wanting a shimp breakfast oh so bad.........
Well as of 6:45 this morning when I left I was able to count 15
:) :) yea:) :)
bloodfin's waiting just outside of the Myriophyllum mattogrossense grove wanting a shimp breakfast oh so bad.........
:icon_cry: :icon_cry: boooo:icon_cry: :icon_cry:
:) :) yea:) :)

:icon_cry: :icon_cry: boooo:icon_cry: :icon_cry:
Well I think I am going to get like a 5-10 gal tank for my office and if I do I will move the shrimp into that tank
i get so jealous of people that get to keep tanks in thier office. I got a huge office with a big window and cant keep crap in here :( BUT my window looks out over the YARD where the inmates play basketball and what not.
i don't know if I am allowed to I just figured I would bring it here and if they tell me to take it home it is an excuse to have a fishtank in the bedroom.........
Well good news oh good news. I traded the Blood fins to a friend for 12 Neons (which won't eat the shrimp) and the shimp have come out to play. They are all over the tank now I think my earlier estimates were low and maybe I didn't lose as many as I thought. I thought I would add with this update a shot I caught of one last night before lights out.


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