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i have a 75 gallon planted tank ph 6.8, nitrate 20ppm from dosing i have 2x54 t5ho and have flourite. i dose once a week.

on sunday
1/4 tsp kno3
1/8 tsp kh2po4

on monday
6ml seachem flourish

my green crypts have been turning yellow and curling and 1 leaf has little holes but some of the leaves look good. i also have bronze crypts that the leaves are curling up and one leaf is bent sideways and looks like it got burnt and deformed. it was a big leaf and now its bent sideways and got skinny.

Stem plants are growing fine.I dont have any algae except some on anubias. Do the plants need iron ? i want to keep this tank low tech for a while.Then get some co2 but its going to be alittle anything i can do? Would dosing more help this or adding seachem root tabs around the crypts help?
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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