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Crypts Package

This is a nice selection of pretty common, but very attractive crypts. These plants are all very easy to grow and will do well in low-tech setups. Take them all together as medium-size plants for $17 shipped.

  • Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia This is one of my favorite plants! It grows well underwater or emersed and can get to be pretty large (12"+) with time. Emersed plants bloom frequently with yellow-throated spathes.
  • C. petchii Easy-to-grow smaller crypt with patterned leaves. Good for aquascaping.
  • C. lutea Erect, somewhat taller crypt with wavy leaf margins works well in mid-ground or as background plant.
  • C. wendtii ‘Mi Oya’ Really attractive and easy-to-grow taller Sri Lanka crypts with green-brown leaves and red reverse.
  • C. wendtii ‘Green’ Nice wendtii selection with bright green leaves.

Cryptocoryne pethchii - This photo shows two plants.

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