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I'm clearing out a few plants to raise money for a new light fixture. Priority shipping is $6.00. I will give discounts on multiple purchases. And I will consider trades for mini-pelia,mini-fissidens,mini-rose moss or 20+ stems of Rotala sp. green or colorata

Thanks for looking. Here's what I have

2x Cryptocoryne wendtii "green" several rhizomes each
Cryptocoryne wendtii "red" the largest one pictured is about 8"
1x Cryptocoryne wendtii "florida sunset"
2x Cryptocoryne wendtii "bronze" pups
Take all of them for $12.00 (pictured below)All SOLD[/COLOR]

Java ferns narrow leaf on the left and regular on the right the largest narrow leaf is around 8" tall for reference
Take everything pictured below for $10.00

Stems and misc. Take all for $20.00 all come from the tank pictured below
5x Ludwiga glandulosa
10x Rotala nanjenshan
10x Creeping jenny
1x 2-3" Green tiger lotus pup with several leaves

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