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I have some plant trimmings available:


Pogostenum sp Punilis GONE

Staurogyne sp Bihar GONE

Just pay shipping

For sale:

Echinodorus sp Red Devil, 8-10" plantlets. incredible burgundy / wine red color, $10ea - 1 left

Crypt Wendtii Green Gecko, 4-5 md/sm for SOLD

Crypt Crispatula var Balansae "Red", $15 ea 3 LEFT

Anubias Barterii, LG chunck, SOLD

Anubias Nana "Wavy", $6 per chunk,so many available

Crypt wendtii, large bunch, $25 or split 15/half (send email for photos)

Narrow Leaf Java Fern, beautiful shape, $20/bunch

Langenandra sp, $10/ea

Shipping via usps 2-6 days (beware, delays might happen on today's crazy world)..
extreme heat notice, thought healthy and hardy, plants will likely not survive 4 days stuck in a truck under 100 degrees weather, be mindful of your location.. VA is having a bit of a break overall 75-85ish
payment via paypal only, thank you!
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