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One last run before the summer starts, i wont have any more for sale till fall. All plants are still potted, i do not uproot until im ready to ship. Shipping is $7 if you buy 1 plant, if you buy 2 plants shipping is free, 3 plants even bigger discount. The only submersed crypts i have are bullosa, and these are baby plants. Thanks for looking.

Bullosa 'sarakei' $20 (limited)

Bullosa 'sarawk' $20 (limited)

C. Longicuada $30

C. Ferruginea $20

C. Alba $30 (limited)

C. Lingaa 2 $30

C. Purpurea $20

C. Fusca 'badau' gotta be the coolest crypt ever $30

C. Dewitii $20

C. Zadiana $20

C. Norotoi $15 (big crypt)

C. "Yellow ring" $20

C. Zukalii $20

C. 'Kota tingaa' $30 (only 1 available)

C. Pygmae bast 88 free with any purchase

Thanks for looking guys, please be patient and ill get back to you in order the pms came in, last sale i was overwhelmed with pms lol
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