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Time to thin out some of my pots to make room for some new guys, all my crypts are grown emersed except for the Bullosas, the plants you will receive are mostly plantlets, some will receive mature plants but only the first few.

Shipping is $7.00, if you buy more than 1 plant, shipping is free. If you need multiple plants i will discount even more, thanks for looking. No trades at the moment.

C. Nurii 'pahang' $15

C. Bullosa 'sarakei' $30

C. Bullosa 'sarawak' $30

C. Longicuada 'pudin besar' $30

C. Ferruginea $20

C. Lingaa 2 $30

C. "Yellow ring" 'bukit ibam" $20

C. aponogetifolia (submersed, but converts to emersed fairly easy) SOLD

C. Zukalii $20

C. Zadiana $20

C. Norotoi $15

C. Fusca 'badau' $30

C. Cordata siamensis (rosanervig strain, but lost all stripes ��) $15

C. Purpurea $20

C. Dewitii $20

C. Alba $30

C. Pygmae bast 88. $10

All my plants are still planted, i dont uproot until someone commits to them, as soon as your order is shipped i will provide tracking. Can provide all info for each plant if needed, ph, tds, ect......


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