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Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green

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So really how tall will this plant get? I've heard it grow a foot tall but I've heard it grow low.

From what I've read, a good substrate makes crypts grow lower and more water borne nutrients make crypts grow taller.

I've also read that wendtii Red grows up and tall and I've seen photos of it, but wendtii green will grow low and stay flatter than red.

My main question is, would this plant be a viable plant for a midground plant in a 10 gallon tank?
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A 10 gallon may be too small for them. And they don't like being moved. If they come potted, I would plant them in the pot so you can move them later if you need to. They would be a good mid ground plant in a larger tank.

And plant to the base of the plant and not too deep.
Are there any plants you might suggest? I've read that the green gecko variety of wendtii stays smallest of the wendtii's.

I'm confident cryptocoryne lucens will stay small enough for my needs, but I'm gonna look at all my options.
OK I'm confident to go with Cryptocoryne x Willisii now.

Thanks cott
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