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My tank has over twenty baby Cryptocoryne Wendi Brown that have been migrating around the tank and mostly settled at the top rooting among some Java Fern I have growing on some manzanita. My Java Ferns are also in need of a trim, and I have two nice Giant Amazon Sword plantlets growing on a runner. Please see pictures of everything below.

I also have Fire Red Cherry Shrimp for sale out of this tank (will also consider trading some Fire RCS for the same from someone else). Also pictured below.

PM If interested or with questions.

Note, my tank has MTS, so don't purchase if that could be a problem for you.


Up to 20 small Cryptocoryne Wendi Brown. $1.50 each. SOLD OUT
Two medium Cryptocoryne Wendi Brown. $2.50 each. SOLD OUT
Two Giant Amazon Swords. $4.00 each SOLD OUT
Up to 6 Narrow Java Fern clumps (10-12 leaves). $3.00 each SOLD OUT
Up to 4 Philippine Java Fern clumps (10-12 leaves). $3.50 each SOLD OUT

Adult/Young Adult Fire Red Cherry Shrimp (no guarantee of sex). $3.00 each

Payment via PayPal only. Shipping is $7.50 via USPS Priority Mail. In the case of shrimp I will replace any that don't make it.

Images are as follows:
#1. Overall shot of tank with the small crypts and Philippine Java Fern in the top left.

#2. Crypts at the top of the tank looking down.

#3. Crypts laid out, the one in the bottom right is about 6 inches long.

#4. Two Amazon Sword platelets in the center of frame.

#5, 6, 7. Fire Red Cherry Shrimp and narrow leaf Java Fern.

All the plants and shrimp will come from this tank.


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