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Cryptocoryne Emersed Setup

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Crypt List as of April 2017
New Pictures on last page

Tons of Changes new setup is up and running

C. Wendtii Bronze
C. Wendtii Undulata
C. Wendtii Red
C. Wendtii Green
C. Dewitii PNG
C. Affins Metallic Red
C. Parva
C. Lutea
C. Willisi
C. Usteriana Green
C. Parva Mini
C. Balansae
C. Petchii
C. Cordata Denerle
C. Moehlmannii
C. Pontederiifolia
C. Flaccidifolia
C. Yujii
L. Long Leaf
L. Red Round

C. Wendtii Mioya 1
C. Wendtii Green Gecko 2
C. Wendtii Brown Indo. 3
C. Zukalii 4
C. Dewitii PNG 5
C. Matakensis Brown 6
C. Silver Queen7
C. Ferruginea 8
C. Cordata Siamensis[censored]9
C. Cordata Diderici 10
C. Affins Metallic Red 11
C. Rosen Maiden 12
C. Fusca 13
C. Walkeri 14
C. Flamingo 15
C. Petchii Pink 16
C. Usteriana Red 17
C. Willisi 18
C. Becketii 19
C Hudoroi 20
C. Usteriana Green 21
C. Alba Red 22
C. Kota tingii 23
C. Yellow Ring 24
C. Norotoi 25
C. Longicauda (pudin besar)26
C. Affins green 27
C. Ciliata 28
C. Purpurea 29
C. Zaidania 30
C. Sri Lanka 31
C. Cordata Blassii 32
C. Lingua 33
C. Aura 34(dieing)
C. Gone 35
C. Gone 36
C. Nurii Lingaa 2 37
C. Jacobsenii Pink 38
C. Fusca Badau 39
C. Bangkensis 40
C. Kraiu 41
C. Lutea hobbit 42
C wendtii kompact 43
C wendtii red DeWitt 44
C. Nakamotoi 45
C. Lucens 46
C Albida 47
C. Retrospiralis 48
C. Balansae 49
C. Axelrodi 50
C. Moehlmannii 51
C. Yujii 52
C. Pontederiifolia 53
C. Thwaitsii Galle Brown 54
C. Flaccidifolia 55

L longleaf 1

S. Rayii 1

A. Narrow Leaf

A. Pango
A. Petite

updates follow

The distance to the grate from the bottom is about 5.5 inches, I'm planning on drilling holes in the bottom of the containers and having the water an inch or 2 up them.

I'm wondering if I should just put this small koralia power head in the bottom with a heater or this extra small turtle canister filter.

Also my plan for this one is crypts so soil wise what should I use? The other one just has topsoil only in the pots.

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@BDoss1985, nice setup! I'm definitely getting back in the swing of my emersed prop tanks. Sadly I don't have old pics of the original ones. You definitely won't need the tops on those tupperware's with your setup, if anything you will need some vent holes for gas exchange and for thermal regulation. I'd highly recommend putting a heat source in with the plants as it will assist in growth and give consistent water temps through night and day. As for the koralia or canister, don't waste them. A cheapo powerhead will do the trick, but you really don't need it. If anything just do water changes once a month and get out the stagnant water.

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You might want to turn down the heater then. Fluorescent tubes kick out a lot of heat in confined containers. I wouldn't be surprised to see your temps in the high 80's low 90's in your setup if there are no vents. My setup (half 10 gallon) is lighted by 4 25W CFL's and the heating pad is set to 75. When I get home from work I see temps that are up to 82 degrees F due to the lighting bringing up the tank temps. Also, I have a 1/8th inch grap at one end of the glass I'm using on top for venting purposes. Without that gap I had temps (when I first did this years back) running up to 89 degrees F.

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Light has been on since 9am 230 now and I'm getting right at 81, I'm thinking the window ac above the setup is keeping it cooler... Gonna have to check tonight and make sure it's not too cool at lights out.

Btw the humidity look ok or do you think I should add a small closable vent?

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