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Hi. I have only Cryptocorynes in my tank, around 5 types. They were growing absolutely fine but since the past month the leaves of the Cryptocoryne Axelrodi have started to curl inside all of a sudden. And the young leaves of the Spiralis are turning yellow and then transparent. Same goes for its older leaves. The leaves of some of the Wendtii Brown and Wendtii Tropica have started curling inwards. But the Wendtii Greens are not showing any of the problems as of yet.
I do a weekly 20% water change. Have easy life easy root tabs planted in the gravel under almost all the crypts. Besides I dose dried macro and micro fertilizers mixed in water as per instruction twice a week. I also dose liquid co2 daily.
Photo period 6 hours daily with 2 hours gap in the middle cause I had black brush algae and diatoms problem in the past when there was an uninterrupted photoperiod of 8 hours. That has been solved. Please tell me what could be their nutrient deficiency.


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