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cryptocoryne,Cabomba and Nymphaea

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Please help me,
My plants are not in good condition.
what is the problem?


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Nymphaea's leave twisted, cabomba's leave changed color form green to red and cryptocoryne melted.
and plant in last picture(i don't know the name of) also.
How long have you had the plants? The last 2 changes especially just sound like they're transitioning from emersed to submersed and/or to new water parameters.

You also need to learn to be more patient... Posting a clickbait-y post with the link to another post, **17** minutes after making the first, let alone when it's early, early, early morning in the United States (where most of the site's members live afaict) is not a good way to get people to like you around here (or anywhere really). You don't need attention that fast for a problem that 1. isn't life or death 2. doesn't need immediate action and 3. can't be solved in a second.

I've seen people with actively dying fish that don't demand that kind of attention, and by making a second post just to draw attention to your first, not even half an hour after you made it, you're clogging the recent posts and taking attention away from people who really need immediate help. Please learn to understand that you are not the only person who needs help and that problems exclusively with plants are pretty much never ever ones that demand immediate attention.
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As geisterwald stated, the last 2 look like they are transitioning to new surroundings. They both look like they have some healthy new growth and some old dying melting stuff. Crypts are well known for melting back when they are moved. In order for any one to give you any kind of decent answers a lot more info is needed as to what kind of conditions the plants are experiencing.

What kind of light are they recieving?
What are the water parameters?
How long ago were they planted?
How long has the tank been set up?
Have conditions in the tank changed recently?
What's the dosing and fertilizer schedule if any?

The more info you can provide, the better the answers you can get.
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tank dimention: 55 gal (55cm height, water filled: 50 cm)
light: 2*36 watt fpl 6500k
water parameters: i don't know exactly
planting date: one month
suet up: two months
changed water 50 percent last week
dosing fertilizer (method: pps pro): npk(12.0.44)-chelated fe 6%-ZnSO4(0.01 ppm)-FeSO4(0.1 ppm)-(npk 40-0-0 )- KH2
PO4, etc. . .
substrate: 1cm diy - 1.5 cm oceanfree - 4cm sista aqua soil.
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