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crypt wendtii help please

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Why are my crypt leaves curled under like this? I dose ei, and osmocote tabs.
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My crypt wendtii look like that too, yet they are growing and spreading.
Just about every crypt plants will show signs of distress or melt away when first planted. Some of my leaves withered away but bounced back a few weeks later.
Its only been in my tank a couple months. Its growing well but all the new leaves are curled up like this. Read another post that said it might just be from a change in environment. Maybe it will straighten out soon.
Mine does that too. If you don't like how it looks, every plant needs pruning at some time. Slowly, 1 leaf at a time, cut a leaf down to the gravel and a new fresher looking one will grow to take it's place.
Thanks all. I will give it some time and a little trim and see what happens. Just worried I was missing some sort of fertilizer. Hoping for some of those beautiful crinkled leaves, not ones that look like cigars!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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