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Crypt. Wedntii "Green Gecko"

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Hi all,
I acquired some of this neat cultivar of crypt. wedntii in August, I think, and it's been in my planted 10 gallon tank since. The tank has moved a few times (Down to school and back, now going back down again), but the plant has remained rooted in the 2" gravel bed. It's nice and green, and looking very good.
It's just not growing much. I'd love it to grow and send off runners like most of my varieties of crypt. wedntii have done in the past, yet in the same conditions, the plant merely looks good. What do I have to do to make it really grow?
Anybody growing this plant with success (with runners and all)? If so, what water parameters are ideal? My tank is at 78ish degrees (F), and I use mostly RO water, and it has driftwood, which is releasing enough tannins to tint the water. Any ideas?
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Here's one of my two plants. This one I think did shoot a runner out but I dont see the new plant yet.
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You'd think so, but the crypt. lutea has new plants coming up about once a month. That's 5 more plants than the green geckos here...
try nutrients in the substrate like root tabs.
I have a few of these crypts and have had them planted in Eco Complete for months (atleast 6+) and they have not grown at all. I just assumed they would stay this size forever and it really looks like they will. Mine are in a 55 with 130w of PC lighting above them so maybe the light doesn't penetrate to them enough.

It's interesting to see that yours have not grown much either.
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