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Three packages that I would like to get rid of this week.

1. Three medium crypt nurii - $30 shipped. *SOLD*
2. Peacock Moss on 4x2 metal screen - $25 shipped
3. Echinodorus opacus - **edit: with so much interest I'm going to keep this one**

Look below for all the details and pics

1. Three medium crypt nurii: No algae whatsoever. I had them in my large tank about a month ago and transported them into my current shrimp tank where they recovered from not getting enough light in the large tank. They each have multiple leaves and look pretty nice. Healthy root systems. Take all for $30 shipped.

2. Peacock moss on a 4x2 inch screen. Extremely healthy and green. It's a bit larger than the screen and is about 3 inches long. Very green and 100% algae free. This is as good as it gets when it comes to moss. It's a few months old and not something that has been put together last's been trimmed several times to make it thicker. $25 shipped in a larger box with insulation.

3. EDIT: Going to keep this one now. Echinodorus opacus - Will take your AquaClear 70 or larger for this plant. Why am I selling so cheap? Well, I did not have room for this plant as it's fairly large so I stuck it in my shrimp tank with ecocomplete. As you can see the leaves are not exactly what they should look like...they are elongated instead of roundish (I think they should be more roundish but not 100% sure). They should be planted in aqua soil or something acidic. You can tell from the pics that there are actually two plants there that can be cut apart. It's not a prime example but it has no algae and can be brought back to 100% in no time. It's about 6 inches tall and spreads another 6 inches in all directions if I had to guess. Healthy root system. I think I paid $75 for the plant when it only had 4-5 leaves. This is a perfect plant for the shrimp tank since the roots get MASSIVE and it moves the soil around making sure there are no dead spots in the substrate.

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