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crypt growing taller

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So my crypt wendtii started out really filled out and fluffy under my old lights staying close to the substrate and now with my new lighting its growing away from the substrate and taller. This means I have less light now that before right?
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That could be one cause for it growing larger. Might also just be that the plant has aged and is growing larger leaves because it is a larger plant. Sagittaria subulata does this as well.

Any chance of a picture?
Maybe does it take almost a year sometimes to get to that point? It has sent of two runners so far. I will snap a picture of it when I get home and post it, if I can get a good picture the moss kind of blocks it.
Here it is and it almost seems like it thinned out too


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What was your old light? Whats your new light?
My old light was three t8s on the glass and now I have a canopy with white insides and a single t5 with good reflectors about 10in above tank im trying to balance it out. But both of these I had/have a thick floating Mat on the surface with. I was thinking maybe I have to lower the t5 but I'm unsure
I had wendtii under high light and in was short at first but then with all the growth potential decided to get huge, and kept trying to grow taller than itself.

If you have your crypts growing fast, its worth trimming them back if you don't want them to take over....wendtii can and will get a foot tall if you let it.

My wendtii is now in eco complete, still high tech, in a taller tank, and its not getting the hight it did with a dirt substrate...but if it starts getting too tall I've got my scissors ready.
My crypts do the same in my 55 they are easily a foot tall now.

In my 20L under low to med light they dont get much taller than 3 to 4 inches.

The taller ones tend to send runners while in my 20 they are more dense.

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Well I actually would like to see them get that tall because ive never had one do that they are always short and bushy this one only grew like 2ins and lost the bottom leaves after I changed the light and now it doesn't seem like it's doing anything
it mgiht be going through an adjustment period. crypts will melt if you look at them funny. give it a while and it should snap back.
Ya I guess we will see its been like 3 weeks
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