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"crutches" for a swim bladder patient?

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I have tried something similar to this with my goldfish Aquamax. He also had swim bladder disease which kept him at the bottom of the tank. I gave him a 10 gal bare bottom tank to himself with only a few floating plants and Walmart aponts and water lily bulbs to cultivate. He moved them around like they were footballs. When I fed him he flick up the food with his fins so he could eat it. I medicated him with metromeds. He never recovered from the swim bladder disease but he lived like that for 4 years. He died suddenly after a water change without any prior hint that there was anything else wrong with him. I did see something similar like this float back then on the internet constructed of drinking straws and cork and tried it with him, but he did not like it and ended up with sores on his body where the straws irritated his skin. I removed it and the sores healed up. I wonder how well this one works in the long run.
I had a 9" terror that suddenly got bladder disease. He ended up living in a 10g bare tank alone for over 2 years before he gave up. He also made use of his fin to fan the flake food around to eat.
Awh, look at the goldie in a floatychair... Adorable.
I had a little betta who used to get swim bladder issues at random times... When that happened, I would put her in a mesh hatchery that was packed with plants so she couldn't be more than two inches under the surface.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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