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Crustacean-only tank

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Hi all,

I'm planning a 10 gallon crustacean-only tank. The inhabitants will include several specieis of shrimp as well as a couple dwarf crayfish. It will be heavily planted, probably around 4 wpg, CO2 and ferts will be used.

That said, I was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers as far as what are the do's and don't's of a shrimp/crustacean tank. For instance, I recall that copper is highly toxic to shrimp, so any medication with copper is out of the question.

But is there anything else as far as ferts go that I should watch out for? Also, what species of shrimp will not work well together and will a pair of dwarf crays in shrimp tank cause havoc?

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i see another person wants to put shrimp and dwarf crayfish togeather lol.
if you want your shrimp to stay alive your going to have to keep your tank amost over-fed. as iv said in other threads the main food source for crayfish
is inverts and fish and some underwater bugs that they can catch.
if i were you i would search up on iwagumi style tanks and make it a iwagumi shrimp tank and leave the crayfish out.
I would try a few Thai Red Claw Crabs with Shrimp,
and combine fan feeding shrimp with algae eaters.
don't put Crayfish with any other bottom dweller,
since even if crayfish start off docile they
will mature into crafty persistent killers.
see my moss rope link for more details on crabs.
I haven't kept them, but dwarf crays he's mentioning (shudfelti) are supposedly fine with shrimp (they're only the tinies bit bigger than cherries anyway). Members like Milalic are breeding them and keeping them easily with shrimp. Like I said, I don't know for sure-- never kept 'em.
Yea, actually I was planning on getting them from Milalic :). Thanks for the advice fellas. BTW, is the Iwagumi a type of low-tech tank? Or is it only a tank with ground-cover type plants?
Iwagumi tanks are usually with low carpet plants like HC, glosso, dwarf hairgrass, etc... so you can clearly see the rock layout.

I had RCS with my dwarf crays and I see the crays try to get the shrimp sometimes. Now I only have crays with RCS when the crays are pregnant and I don't want to risk the babies in my 40 gallon community tank.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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