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CRS water params?

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Having kept RCS in the past but never getting around to keeping CRS due to there price and my hard high TDS(200+) water. Now having lower TDS(100) tap water and an RO/DI unit I wanted to try adding them into the Fluval Flora 7.8g tank i set up, I could not find Aquasoil so bought a second bag of Stratum to increase the substrate depth for some easy to grow plants and to help lower my 7.8 PH.
But it seems like some people are keeping CRS in harder water and i was wondering what peoples experiences with them in harder water is? I was planning on using pure RO/DI or half and half tap water water and maybe add some nutrafin black water extract, since i have a few bottles of it, to help bring down and stabilize the PH. But can they be acclimated to harder water over time or would it take several generations of breeding?
And i will be adding some cherry shrimp to test out the tank in a few days, if they they do well is it best to add some lower grade CRS at first?
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its gonna be tough unless who you bought them from have bred them in 7+ph waters,
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My SS grade CRS have been bred for several generations in the 7.4-7.6 range using inert black diamond blasting sand.

I'd be careful not to confuse pH with hard water though. I keep my shrimp at 6 dGH, 3-4 dKH, 160 TDS. I wouldn't worry too much about the black water extract. I do love using Catappa leaves though (for food and health, not pH adjustment).

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