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Crs ph

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So I've had a crs tank for a few years now. I recently upgraded my tank from 5 gal to 10 gal. I have only been using ADA soil with much success. However, I noticed that the PH is already starting to climb. The 10 gallon has been set up for less than a year and there have been several death to which I deducted to PH being to high. how would you suggest to keep ph down and keep it consistently low?
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Are you using RO water? If you were using tap it's not really odd that soil stopped working quickly. The simplest answer is to get RO. If you are using RO then add same peat or something like this to bring pH down. TDS is more important than pH, how much is it?
How much is the PH? Im not sure, I alternate between PH and RO now. Did not before. I have done a bit of patch work in replaing substrate. I might consider doing this little by little as not to swing parameters too much. But from now I will use RO water or aged tap water with some peat moss. are there any other options for lowering ph of water?
Are you adding any minerals to the RO water?
Did you reuse the soil? Maybe its buffering potential has run out.
I would look at kH and gH raising over pH cus pH is not the most useful parameter to measure.

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