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Here's an extensive issue I'm having:

My CRS are not moving much. My RCS are moving about (separate tank).

The tank is:
10 gallon long ---- tank dimensions 30" X 7 3/8" x 10"
Beginning of tank: Early June
Substrate: ADA malaya aquasoil
Filter: Sponge - hydro V

Plants: java moss covering 1/5th of the substrate
Dwarf Water lettuce 1/6th of the surface
Inhabitants: ~10 CRS/CBS 2-Older juvie 8-very small shrimplets ~ 1/2 cm-3/4cm
Many Cyclops

9/12/13 | 9/14/13 | 9/15/13
Temp: 70-74 | 70-74 | 70-74
pH: 6.4 | 7.6 | 7.6
ammonia: 0 | 0 | 0
nitrite: 0 | 0 | 0
nitrate: 5~10 | 5~10 | 0-5
kH: 4° | 2° | 2°
GH: 4° | 4° | 4°
TDS: 170 | 144 | 93
PO4:0-.25 | 0 | 0

Water source: 90% RO/DI - TDS: 2
10% Tap - TDS: 500-600
Algae: Hair algae 1-2 cm² on some of the java moss
Glass algae 1mm covers 1/32" of the tank
Lighting: 2 6500k Fluorescent Tubes 10 hrs
1 room lamp covered with filter floss (dim) 15 mins before and
15 mins after day light

[Water Change]
The shrimps tends to move very little, some move here and there but not very active. I've seen 2 laying on the ground this morning and presume they're pronounced dead. Some molt shells have also been found. They were not interested in blanched cucumber or peas except 1 shrimp. They barely use their swimmerets. They like to cling onto the water lettuce. They're more active at night.

I am wondering what is going on? I've had a couple deaths this morning and am alarmed.

RCS observations: The RCS have been swimming, they are housed with 2 pairs of fancy guppies and are more active (Larger RCS) while the smaller RCS tends to stay under the moss.

Should I put my RCS with my CBS for more company?
What can I do to keep my CRS/CBS alive?

[Water change]
Found out 1 larger shrimp has passed also. Currently 9/12 shrimps are left.
The grades of the shrimps are as follows: 2 white worms, 6 A-SS, 1 Panda.

Shrimps grade A-SS, White worms are moving but very limited. I have noticed that the shrimps move at night more than in the day. My lighting is on 10 hrs with a 30 min dim light period before and after. Tossing in flakes, they dont seem to be interested in the food. I blanched a cucumber and one of the white worm seemed to be interested only. They like to stay under the java moss and under the water lettuce. Some do like to cling on the tank.

[Water change]
0 Shrimp has been found dead, still molt shells have been identified. All shrimps seem to do fine but still are not moving too much. I haven't seen any collapsed. Increased the java moss amount from the tank next to this 10 gallon thus giving it more dense. Shrimp seem to be okay but not great. RCS are doing well swimming but CRS are not as active during the day.

What are some things I could do?
How do I keep stable water parameter when adding?
Mineral stone, any good?
Where does my pH 7.6+ keep coming from??? - RO/DI contains 6.2 pH while
tank is constant 7.6+
Doesn't ADA Aquasoil Malaya have the higher pH reducing ability?
pH buffers any good?
Almond leaves? Alder cones?
Would a 2 year old piece of Mopani driftwood lower pH like it used to?
Do I need more oxygen since the 10 gallon is longer (30in length)
Anything I am missing?
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First Planted Tank post.

Woah WOW! Teishokue! that might be the most detailed spec and history writeup I've ever seen!

It seems like you really have your bases covered. Something is raising your Ph though. You could try transferring the shrimp to a undecorated, dimly lit hospital tank, shaded in paper towels. Just let the ceiling light or a nearby lamp shed light in through the paper towels. Tape them onto the outside of the tank at the top corners and at their perforated joints. The end effect should be a shade or blind or curtain running around the outside of the tank. If you're using filtered water and the Ph is rising in that tank than isolating the shrimp someplace else while you work this out is the best choice, I think. That cuts out all the soil and plants and ferts, etc. If you haven't got a spare tank, just chop the top off a milkjug or whatever is clean and stick a sponge filter in it. You may want to build a trap to get them all, but in their current state they might not have the energy to get themselves trapped. Net them.
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