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Hello everyone! My colony is thriving and I actually need to start selling some shrimp.

I have CRS and CBS Mischlings for sale! They are pretty much Bee shrimp with Taiwan bee genes so there is a small % chance that their offspring will be a taiwanbee. Perfect for those who just want to keep these guys and have hidden surprises every now and then. Purchase with confidence! My colony is made up of shrimp sourced from 6 different breeders across the US! They are incredibly hardy and berry up a lot. I've already sold some to some friends locally and they've been taking off well. Just follow my parameters.

So far I've seen....

Blue Bolts
Black King Kongs
Shadow Pandas.

There is still a possibility that they can spawn Red Wine TB's too!

You'll know if you get lucky to get TB's if the eggs on the females turn blue before they hatch!

CRS/CBS Mischlings are $6 each. Random scoop. *in all honesty you'll get random grades due to the genetic diversity in this tank and the fact they are mischlings*

10+2 for 55 3 packages remaining!

I also have F1 tibees for sale too, they are a cross between tangerine tigers and crs or cbs. Their color is a bit washed out and leaning towards orange. Thats completely normal! This is what caused a lot of breeders to tell people not to crossbreed tigers and bee shrimp.

~The ones in the middle are F1 and the one on the left with more white and black is an F2

They are $5 each and you use them to create really nice Tibees.

Each purchase will come with some plants and moss.

I keep them with ADA Amazonia at

pH 6.5
gH 5
kH 0-1
TDS 140-150

album of the shrimps, I wasn't able to get a photo of them while feeding. But I will add it in later on.

Crystal whites and snow white shrimps aren't available for sale yet, I am only offering F1 hybrids and mischlings as the red and black lines are not ready yet.

To everyone who buys my shrimps and are interested in creating tibees I will share my information with you on the next steps to producing nice Tibees.

Shipping to the cont US is $13 FLAT

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