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CRS and PFR tank

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I'd like to keep CRS and PFR in the same tank. Why? Because they're my favorite two kinds of shrimp, and I don't have room for two shrimp tanks. So what should I do about pH? It's 7.2-7.4 currently. I'd like to see both breeding, but I'm more picky about the color in PFRs, so I'd lean to favor them. Does anyone keep PFRs and CRS in the same tank?
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You'll probably get one to breed, but not both. CRS need lower pH to breed, PFR need higher pH to breed. Both can live in the same tank though. I found my PFR didn't have as nice coloration in lower pH. Some people may have different experience, this is just mine.
Lower the PH to 6.5 and they both will do well
I have prl and pfr living in the same tank in 6.5 ph. The CRS have bred but the pfr have
Not so much. However they are mostly juvies coming of age so my input may not be completely relevant until a few weeks.
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