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CRS and Ferts

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I have heard that CRS are very sensitive for ferts and you shouldnt use ferts if you are trying to keep or breed them. Has anyone had any experience with this?
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I personally haven't but will advise you to either look back a few pages on this section or just search function it. Over the past few months there where tons of topics on this across many of the large boards:proud:

Yeah, it's been discussed a WHOLE lot. You also might want to check out ShrimpNow !!! - Welcome for more information. Long story short: people like to blame shrimp deaths on ferts, but there's no conclusive evidence that shrimp die from moderate fert levels. I dose EI, Flourish and Excel in my CRS tank with no issues. Of course, you can overdose which will probably cause problems, but dosing at correct and moderate levels won't kill your shrimp.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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