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Hello guys, ive been always wondering why some of my CRS are dying. recently they have been not too active and has been staying in one spot for abit. i've had a day where my temperature was at 73F and increased up to 75-76F due to hot weather, but i dont think that was the problem was it? and also a couple of days after the PH was from 6.6 to 6.8.

Here are my water parameters:
Nitrite - 0
Nitrate - 0
Ammonia - 0
GH - 4
KH - 2.5
PH - 6.8
Temp - 73F

Things i have in my tank:
Mineral rock, Indian Almond leaves (x1), Java moss (Plenty) and Bio Max Ball (x1)

Water i used is aged boiled water mixed with API Stress coat, left for 1-2 weeks in a bucket with lid. when i do water changes, i would put it in and add abit of BETA-Glucan immune booster.

- Previously had horn snails from plants i bought and abit of hydras in the tank
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From my experience, the way your Crs are behaving, not active, staying in a spot, etc, are due to water conditions. Were they active before?

What happened to me was I added a driftwood. After a while, my Crs behaved like what yours were, so I know it must be the driftwood. Though I removed it quickly, like few hours later or the next day, (couldn't remember exactly) it didn't help. I believe my tank crashed. Some died, and I have no choice but to put the rest for adoption.

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kH is too high. Clear cut cast here. No need to see TDS or anything else. Get your kH down. You will either need to go buy RO/DI water or setup your own RO/DI water station for water changes.

Once you get enough water ready for your tank you will want to do a water reset.

1) Fill up a 5 gallon bucket with tank water. Add an airstone. Put the shrimp from the tank into the bucket.

2) Drain the whole tank from water. This is a good time to siphon the mulm from the substrate.

3) Add RO/DI water reminerlized with MK Breed Blue Diamond or Salty Shrimp gH+

4) Add MK Breed Blood Diamond if you have it or Mosura Mineral Mud or something similar.

5) Let the tank run for 24-38 hours.

6) Move the shrimp to a smaller container with the original tank water.

7) Drip acclimate the CRS for 4-6 hours.

After the water reset you will need to keep using the RO/DI water for water changes.
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