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Crpyt ID

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I ordered this crypt as part of a package when I first setup this tank back in April. It was labeled as a cryptocoryne wendtii "green" but it looks nothing like that variety. I was thinking maybe a red or brown variety? It's approximately 15" tall, although 5 months ago it was only about 2 inches tall, and it's just now sending out runners to baby plants of which there are at least a dozen. For reference, the tank is a 29g. It's probably a common variety, I'm just not that familiar with crypts :D.

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Definitely wendtii 'red'. You must have some serious lights going on for it to grow that fast!
I have a hagen glo 24" T5HO light fixture with 2 24watt bulbs. Here is a pic from June 20th, vs the pic I took today. I wanted to change the scape a bit so I pulled some plants to make room for some new things I want to add.

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In my very humble opinion, I'd say thats pretty impressive growth :D
What kind of hydrocotyle is that in the front?
That was a Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides, I loved the way it looked but it grew way to fast and was literally overtaking the bottom of the tank so I took it out.
LOL when you go to pull that sucker out of the tank, it is going to bring about 3/4 of your substrate with it. WOW that is some serious growth. I agree that it is a Wendtii Red.
That is actually Cryptocoryne lutea AKA: Crypt Walkeri var. lutea...

It starts of small and looks like Wendtii green, but then explodes in growth growing 18+ inches. I have several of these. I have seen them mislabel when they are smaller as they are mostly green when < 4" in length.

If you Google this plant you will notice that most of the pictures are of younger plants with look nothing like their tall parents :)

This is one of mine in a 29G tank (Front left). It eventually got so large I moved it to the back and separated it into about 5 plants.

And yes, when you pull it out, its going to take out a bunch of the sub. You will also notice runners under MOST of the tank, which will eventually shoot up other plants. These guys are heavy root feeders and love a good dose of Excel or C02. They also love root tabs.
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Well there you go. That's why I love this hobby; always learning :icon_smil
had the same problem in my 20l. one major sword and pulled it out roots from tip to plant were 35'' took three quarters of my substrate with it.. huge mess. so youll either like the plant there or rescape the tank.. looks awsome though.
Cryptocoryne beckettii "petchii"
Petchii only grows 4-6 inches tall in most conditions. Definitely not Petchii. Walkeri Lutea FTW :)
Well, it's a good thing I like it and don't plan on taking it out anytime soon!
Tis the season to buy decent sized cookie cutters for removal of large plants without disturbing the rest of the tank. But im going to agree to disagree and say its a wendtii red. Mostly because of the shorter Petiole and broader leaf along with a richer red color than whats typically seen in Luteas. Crypts can be hard to ID without a spathe, but this has been my experience.
Have you ever seen a mature lutea? they are all red/brown. The undersides are usually pink. the tops are a red/green /brown mix. But yes you are entitled to your opinion. The only reason I'm am sticking strong with mine is i have so many of these in tanks that also have wendtii reds and greens and they are definitely their own plant. If you look in the foreground of the picture above, those are Wendtii reds. Theses plants DWARF all my Wendtii vars by 10+ inches... Most Wendtii vars stay about 6-8 inches tall.

Enjoy your crypt CatlinPM, it will start to spread soon and you will likely be handing out runners to friends. :hihi:
Actually, my husband already took three for his tank, and I still have at least 8 more. There is a row of them behind the main plant, two in the front and one hiding in my red flame sword.
I have given away or sold probably 20 of these in the past year, all from one plant i bought at about 3 inches...

I am considering a 20G tank where only these are grown, kinda a thick jungle tank.
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