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Having decided that my next tank is going to have a refugium (even if its not necessary, just to do it) I want to get a crossflow tank. I saw one at the fish store and didnt know about sump type systems at the time. While I need to go look at that one, I want to get some nicer, high quality equipment this go around.

So what are some really nice glass tank brands that have tanks suitable for sump type, planted ecosystem setups? I plan on a 75 gallon tank, and a suitable tank under 30 gallons for the sump due to the weight in my mobile home. I figure that would be the next step until I get super rich with a big house with a 400 gallon tank! (yea right).

I want to stick with glass, I just have a problem with a plastic fish tank. I dont know why, but I do. However the sump doesnt really matter and that would be chosen more for the setup instead of my wants.

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