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Crossbreeding question

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I want to try to keep as many species of shrimp in one tank as possible without them crossbreeding but I'm confused with a species of shrimp that I have. I recently got some Blue Bee shrimp (I've had them less than a week and they're already berried up!) and some websites list them as Caridina and others list them as Paracaridina. The seller I got them from had them listed as Paracaridina, so they're probably that right? I'm going to be getting some Caridina babaulti var. stripes tomorrow and was wondering if I can toss them in the same tank as my blue bees and red rilis.

Thanks in advance, I'm still learning about shrimp breeding. :)
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yep you can as far as i know none of those will cross breed
Blue Bee's shouldn't be able to breed with other caridina. So you can keep that, a sulawesi (malawa are the hardiest), one caridina (CRS, Tiger), neo, babaulti, and amano shrimp. All in the same tank.
blue bee are tiny!! hardly see them... god dam tank is like a forest they only come out when it's dinner time
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