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Hey Bigblue,

First off, welcome to the world of aquascaping and the only rule is, you are the only one that needs to love your aquascape! So all critiques take with a pinch of salt and use what you wish and discard what you do not.

IMHO, corner tanks are hard to scape, simply due to their unusual shape but it can be done. This tank lends itself to an island scape with the focal point centered. So think layering, with the taller plants in the middle back (basically the back corner) and lower plants in front of them. This essential gives you depth from all viewing angles.

Jungle vals grow very quickly , while Amazon swords will grow a bit slower, so dont give up hope on it just yet. Remember also, Amazon Swords are heavy root feeders, so supplement them with root tabs. Once it really takes off it could become a great focal point.

Hope this gives you some additional help.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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