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thanks jm, not hurt feelings at all! I welcome criticism especially as this is my first planted tank and i'm looking to grow from this. The plants have only been in there for aout 2 weeks so im hoping they fill in a lot more.
We all have to start somewhere bigblue. I would move your mid-ground plants around and in-front of the rock & driftwood. This will creates a good transition and also hide that "unnatural" look of the hardscapes once the plants grow. You might also want to split up the Hairgrass into small bunches in the foreground to prevent melting. Typically 2-3 crowns per bunch is ideal. That will keep the hairgrass from competing against each other for light, as well as create exponential growth.

Besides that, if it's your first planted tank - your doing great.

(unnatural driftwood vs covered: Before & After - Fallen Tree Branch Tank Journal )
(hairgrass melting reference: Reference 1 & Reference 2 )
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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