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Critique my tank

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Hey guys, so this tank has been running just over a year, was wondering what you guys think, I kinda want to rescape it, any thoughts of moving plants around? I run a planted+24/7 on high on a timer, with pps dose, glut and diy co2, dirt with sand cap . every now and then i have a bit of bba pop up on tips of the crypts, and the rotala is coming in tiny new leaves, not sure why that is, any thoughts would be great! thanks:)


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Trim the stems, add a shorter carpet up front.
Maybe could use a little thinning out? Also some floating plants?
I'd put the stem plants of the same species together. Perhaps trim them, and condense them in small tight groups of like species.
Do what you like! nobody sees this tank but you. IMO a planted tank is like a piece of art, its hard to say what we would change because we never would of created it the way you did in the first place!

That being said, generally there are simple aquascaping "guidelines" that many suggest for scaling and general appeal. Such as grouping stem plants together, trimming to create a bush, and placing them in succession of height. Plant 'groupings' of 4 is usually the max before it becomes chaotic for the eye. plants that compliment or contrast each other in texture, shape, and color usually make attractive compositions.

But again, its about what your vision is of the scape! :flick:
... rotala is coming in tiny new leaves, not sure why that is, any thoughts would be great! thanks:)
I have heard somewhere that this might be caused by low co2 levels. We should wait for someone else to weigh in on this though as I am no expert.

Youve got some good lookin growth there though. If I were to do anything to it, I would try to trim/replant make it look more defined. It looks cool, but it seems awful busy to me. Things should be a bit more compact and in their place. Empty space isn't empty. Empty space has purpose. I, like someone above me, don't particularly like whichever carpeting plant that one is, but thats just me.

It all kind of depends on what you're trying to go for, but if you rescape it, just think about exactly where you want everything to be, give it a purpose for being where it is.

I would try to add some perceived depth as well. I'm not sure how much hardscape you actually have in there, but creating empty areas helps to create that illusion of extra space.

Its all up to you though. If you like it the way it is, keep it! If you want to add more hardscape, give it a try! If you dont want to try to re-scape in a day you can setup an emersed tank or just a bucket with a light for the plants. Dont be afraid of change.

Good luck!
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