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Critique my Aquascape from description?

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I dont know if you can do this but picture a 55 with a largeish piece of drift wood off to hte right corener with Java Fern, moss and Anubius nana tied to it, around the driftwod is a DHG carpet, around 4 or 5 inches to either side creating like a triangle look, then almost a bare section with the odd piece of DHG here and there, then in the left hand corner i have a few stones, no idead what type or how large, Probably a fairly large rock dispersed between some smaller rocks, and protruding from in between thos rocks is some Ludwigia Repens and a few stems of Pennywort.

I'll try and draw it but im a very bad drawer, nearly failed Art this past year :)
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Heres the picture, Plants left to right, Jungle Val, L. Repens, Pennywort, Crypt Wendti, DHG, Anubius Nana, Java fern, Amazon sword.

I'm thinking like some more amazon swords to fill up the back or something, maybey more Val, or crypts
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I would keep any swords to one side or the other if you want one, behind the wood rather than in front. Keep the L. repens in a bush so it serves as a midground plant. Which pennywort, the big stuff that wants to be a floater or the little stuff that looks so great as a ground cover? Either is terrific.

Remember negative space is important too, there is no need to completely fill the back of the tank. A 55 gallon tank is so shallow front to back it probably will look deeper if you do leave a bit of the back showing.

The middle foreground is going to be bare? What about adding to that pile of rocks on the left to make a bank that ends just right of center and putting sand for a river bed? The rocks would look great with little Anubias or moss growing between them. The hairgrass would slowly invade the sand which could look very interesting I think. Of course you could put in a plastic strip to slow it down with more rocks hiding the plastic.

I get annoyed as it takes me a while to sketch the tank then I change my mind and it all gets really messy on paper. You could try using Paint, at least you get color and can properly draw the size of the tank pretty easily. I even copy and paste actual photos of my elements to a sketch of the tank. That is pretty fun to do. I am too impatient to figure this program out but I see amazing scapes made by others, might spend some time playing with it anyway.
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Thanks, ill make sure to implement a lot of the strategies you said that help make the tank look like it has more depth to it, i was also thinking about the sand in the middle and i like that idea a lot, thanks
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